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Bill O’Reilly apologizes for ‘dumb’ comment about Rep. Maxine Waters’ hairGlenn BeckRSS Bot021
Tim Allen destroys Hollywood liberals over their intolerant elitism: ‘It’s like 1930’s Germany’Glenn BeckRSS Bot0153
New Yorker cartoon sums up anti-elite national mood, angers manyGlenn BeckRSS Bot0149
CareerBuilder...8 gifs to describe the office at the end of the year#Knoxville TN Job Listings ForumRSS Bot0262
CareerBuilder...9 gifs that prove the struggle is real when you're in between jobs#Knoxville TN Job Listings ForumRSS Bot0534
oldie but goody WPC Humor ForumMRPIKE830181
lmaoWPC Humor ForumMRPIKE830140
TheBlaze... WATCH: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Go Toe-to-Toe in Town Hall ParodyGlenn BeckRSSbot0364
Mom strikes again!!WPC Humor Forumbperry92101893
Do you "recycle" your coffee? lolRecipes & Food Korner...bperry9210693
Charlotte, NC, is remodeling their stadiumWPC Humor Forumbperry9210525
Good chuckleWPC Humor Forumbperry9210446
JUST AS A WARNING!!!!WPC Humor Forumbperry9210583
You like story pranks? You'll love thisWPC Humor Forumbperry9211669
Railroad TracksWPC Humor Forumbperry9210603
Dry Mouth?WPC Humor Forumbperry92101668
Difference of Man/Woman driving.WPC Humor Forumbperry92101033
Which age is the worst?WPC Humor Forumbperry9210657
Morning Giggles 02WPC Humor Forumbperry9210719
Sound Familiar???WPC Humor Forumbperry9210748
Quickies...WPC Humor Forumbperry9210715
Psycology Lesson... (Thanks Ma!!)WPC Politics Forumbperry92101108
Welcome to the 21st CenturyWPC Humor Forumbperry9210646
Tell me again how he broke his collar bone?WPC Humor Forumbperry9210654
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